The John Irvine Band was formed in the summer of 2011, in Edinburgh, Scotland by the composer/guitarist John Irvine and has released two critically acclaimed CDs of Jazz-Rock music, ‘Wait & See’ and ‘Next Stop’. Both albums have received plaudits from many magazines and websites, and several tracks have been played on internet and terra firma radio stations, such as: The Prog Rock Palace, Xymphonia, El Ritorno Del Gigante, Canvas Prog Hour, Friday Night Progressive and many more.

“The progressive rock album Allan Holdsworth never made.” – Rene Yedema (Xymphonia)

Taking inspiration from ‘classic fusion’ era artists such as Pat Metheny, Steve Khan, Allan Holdsworth, John Irvine has constructed a style of jazz-rock entirely his own, finding fans across the globe eager to hear an updated version of this timeless genre.

“With ‘Next Stop’, Irvine proves himself to be just as good as Holdsworth at his best, in both writing and performing.” – Joseph Shingler (Prognaut)

John has been pursuing his unique approach to guitar for many years, fusing elements of classical fingerstyle techniques with a strong harmonic and chordal sense that is highly original, marking his style as instantly recognisable and unique. His soloing style is expansive, fluid and from the heart; critics likening it to the best of Alex Lifeson, Pat Metheny and Allan Holdsworth.

“Irvine just about revolutionizes the entire jazz-rock instrumental concept.”
– Robert Silverstein (MWE3.com)

Both ‘Wait & See’ and ‘Next Stop’ were recorded with the same band lineup: John Irvine: Guitars, Keyboards, Alan Emslie: Drums, Percussion and Doug Kemp: Bass. John’s new album ‘Metaphysical Attractions’ was released in November 2018 and features a new line-up: Rich Kass on Drums, Rob Ironside on Sax and Gwen Kelso on flute.