I have owned a lot of guitars over the years. Some I owned for a good length of time, some came in the door and went straight back out again. I never seem to be able to settle on a guitar for very long. I guess I’m very fussy when it comes to longevity in general, and, of course, the grass in always greener 🙂

I’ve never been attracted to the well known brands like Fenders or Gibson, simply because of the lack of tremolos (on the Gibsons) or lack of floating trem bridges, locking nuts or locking tuners (on Fenders). It baffles me why manufacturers don’t use locking tuners on all guitars. I know some Gibsons have tremolos, but these are usually very high end axes. Also the prevalent fingerboard ratio of the Fender types: 7.5-9.5 etc. is just too curved for someone who studied classical guitar for so long.

So often with guitars, the majority are set up really badly – it doesn’t matter whether they are new or 2nd hand, 99% of the time the nut is cut wrong or the frets are uneven, or… well, I could go on…

I prefer a medium fret size, instead of the jumbo sizes that are doing the rounds, and I also like a guitar that has VERY low action, if the guitar won’t get down to my required string height then I’m not interested. The trem arm also needs to retain it’s position when not in use. I hate the swinging arm tremolos that you often see. It needs to stay exactly where you leave it.

So, this is my Washburn BT-10. Top of the Maverick range – Korean made, mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard. It also has the wonderful Washburn 600-S Tremolo unit made by Takeuchi. It has the lowest action of any guitar I have played, 24.5″ neck length, neck binding, Grover 18:1 ratio tuners and… it ticks all the boxes for me.

I’m not big on effects, in fact, I only use the Yamaha DG Stomp – which I think is the best modeller out there – for all cleans and distortion.